Our commitment to the empowerment of women through beautiful pieces of clothing is what drives and motivates us. We are committed to women and as a company we believe that one of the first steps in empowering women to be the best that they can be is by helping them look and feel great. 

But we don't Just stop at making women look and feel great, We know that even though women's rights have come a long way In North America, much work is still needed in order to bring women's rights up to standard in other less developed places across the world. Which is why each year, we set aside 10% of all of our net profits and disperse them through two women's organizations that we work with. Organizations like "PLAN CANADA" who we assist by sponsoring young girls in the most remote of villages on the other end of the world. Supporting Young Women who often times don't know where there next meal may come from and may not feel entirely safe in their communities. We also work with and fund an organization called the YWCA, Canada's oldest and largest women's multi-service organization. In addition, as a company we use a portion of our profits to fund the education of young disadvantaged women from Africa, the Middle East and Latin America Through Our Shopazona Scholarship Fund . Our goal is to use a portion of our profits to Fund the Education of as many young girls from poorly developed nations as possible. 

With that being said, we're not naive in thinking that by allocating a percentage of our profits we're going to somehow magically change the world over night. But we do believe that as a company that serves women we have a role to play in ensuring that every girl on every corner of this earth from the Middle East, Africa to Latin America feels safe and that they have equal opportunity. 

Over the years developed nations like Canada and America have moved mountains with respect to providing equal opportunity and security to women. But unfortunately, in the lesser developed nations of our world, mistreatment, violence and lack of opportunity are not only a thing but a part of everyday life that I saw first hand for some women. We strive and are committed to changing this.